Arm Lift Austin

An upper arm lift or brachioplasty procedure is used to eliminate the condition known as a batwing deformity, in which there is excess skin and fat under the arms. The surgery can effectively tighten the skin of the upper arms and remove excess fat.

Those who do not require skin excision may have the fat reduced by liposuction alone. The arm lift incision runs from the armpit to the elbow on the inside of the arm.

Patients who are considering brachioplasty must understand that there will be scars left in this area. People who have a problem severe enough for them to undertake this surgery are usually happy to accept the scars.

Following surgery, a dressing is applied and your arms are wrapped in elastic bandages. Risks include swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, scarring and numbness. Significant injury to underlying nerves and lymph channels is rare. Bruising and swelling will be present for at least two weeks and you will need pain medication for the first day or two. The compression garment you are given must be worn for four to six weeks. While most people return to work after a week, you should avoid lifting anything heavy until the incisions are fully healed.