Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Austin

Restore the Youthful Appearance of your Breasts with a Breast Lift (aka Mastopexy)

Time, gravity and pregnancy, together or by themselves can take a toll on your breasts. Some women complain that they have to “stuff” your breasts into their bra, or are not happy that they can no longer comfortable wear shirts and dresses without a bra. For many women a breast lift may be a solution.

A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is a technique where excess skin is removed from a sagging breast, and the breast is lifted and returned to a higher position in the chest. Many women also want to increase the size of their breasts while doing a breast lift by using breast implants. A breast augmentation combined with a breast lift is called a mastopexy/augmentation.

My breasts used to be so much more ‘perky’. What happened to cause this change?

Your breasts are held on the chest wall by a number of ligaments. Time and gravity and most commonly pregnancy cause stretching of these ligaments, resulting the breast ‘falling’ away from the chest. The weight of the breast causes stretching of the skin, and sagging occurs. As an aftereffect of pregnancy, the breast frequently also loses volume, and becomes smaller, which worsens the problem.

How do I know if I need a lift or just implants?

The degree of droopiness, which is called ptosis ‘toe-siss’, is measured in different levels. Most patients with ptosis of a Grade 2 or greater usually need some degree of breast lift. Not sure where you are on the scale? Try the “Pencil Test” – stand in front of a mirror with a pencil in the crease under your breast.

Ptosis in evaluated by using the following scale:

  • Grade 0 (Normal): The nipple is above the level of the crease under the breast.
  • Grade I: The nipple is even with the crease under the breast
  • Grade II: The nipple is below the crease under the breast.
  • Grade III: The nipple is significantly below the crease and is pointing in a downward direction.
  • Pseudoptosis: The nipple is above the crease, but breast tissue droops below the crease.

Breast Ptosis

So how are my smaller, drooping breasts fixed?

Once we determine the amount of lifting required, the excess skin is removed and the breast is lifted to the proper position and reinforced. At this point, patients who want their breasts larger can have an implant placed and the incisions are closed.
Breast Lift Incisions

What are the incisions like?

Depending on the degree of ptosis more or fewer incisions may be required. The “J-Incision” is a more advanced technique that we feel provides better lift and esthetic shape than the older “Anchor” incision.

Can I have other procedures done at the same time?

  • Yes! Most patients can have additional procedures such as tummy tucks, facial surgery or liposuction during the same procedure.

Who is a poor candidate?

  • Patients in otherwise poor health – poorly controlled diabetes or uncontrolled high blood pressure for example.
  • Patients who are severely overweight
  • Women planning on having children in the near future.
  • Patients who smoke and are unwilling to quit.

How do I prepare for the surgery?

  • Plan on having someone stay with you full-time after the procedure for the first few days.
  • You’ll feel most comfortable in a “recliner” position – back reclined and knees bent.
  • Have extra dressings, baby wipes, and loose clothing available.

What happens the day of surgery?

  • You’ll meet with our Dr. Dellinger, our anesthesia staff and nurses to answer any remaining questions and help prepare you for the procedure.
  • During the surgery you’ll be given an anesthetic and will be completely asleep and pain-free.
  • The surgery itself usually takes about an hour depending on the patient.
  • When you wake up you’ll be in the recovery area and will be wearing a bra similar to a sports bra as well as other tape and bandages.

What is the recovery like?

  • We want you to rest at home for the first few days, getting up regularly to move about.
  • You will be seen the day after surgery for initial dressing changes.
  • You can shower the after your first office visit.
  • You’ll be instructed on how to massage your implants beginning one week after surgery
  • Wear your sports bra 24/7 (except for showering) for the first two weeks and during waking hours after that for another 4 weeks.
  • At two weeks you can resume some light exercise such as walking, gradually increasing over the next several weeks.

What are potential complications?

  • The rate of complications for this procedure is very low, but your surgery and recovery will be very closely monitored to prevent any possible problems.
  • We want you or your caregiver to contact us with any concerns you may have.

How do I get started?

  • Schedule a consultation where you’ll meet with out Patient Coordinator and Dr. Dellinger to determine how best to meet your goals and expectations. You’ll be able to try out different implants as well as discuss scheduling and pricing options.


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