Scars Austin

Scars are usually termed hypertropic when they develop excessive redness, elevation, widening, and stiffness within the first 6-8 weeks after surgery. Usually, they are more visible and may cause pain, burning, tingling and itching. Vascular overgrowth is the cornerstone of hypertrophy, which leads to collagen overgrowth. It can be caused by tension, placement of the scar, delayed healing, radiation, foreign bodies or improper repair.

Laser Treatment can eliminate the vessels and may also reduce the bulkiness of the scar and normalize the surface texture. Results vary with the age and severity of the scar. Prompt treatment returns the skin to its normal color and texture in about one month.

Laser treatment within the first few weeks of surgery can be effective in preventing scars from becoming hypertrophic, stiff or Erythematous as the laser effects collagen production and buildup.