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3 Reasons Why More Men Are Having Plastic Surgery

Published on April 14, 2022 by
Plastic Surgery for Men - Dellinger - April 2022

Take a moment to picture someone walking into a plastic surgery consultation. What do you see? While they might be young or old, slim or thick, chances are the person you are picturing is female.

This makes sense. Most plastic surgery clients are women, and this isn’t likely to change in our lifetimes. However, what is changing is that plastic surgery for men is on the rise, with more and more male clients getting procedures every year. But why is that?

  1. Male Beauty Standards Are Changing

    While women continue to make up the majority of plastic surgery patients, the demographics are shifting.

    Youth is something that has always been valued, but the way we value it has changed. In the past, it was always balanced with reverence for the wisdom of age – especially for men. Now? Not quite so much.

    In the working world, older men are starting to be pushed out by younger ones who are seen as having their finger on the pulse of society. And yes, getting a facelift or brow lift won’t suddenly make you “hip” to the ways of Gen Z, but it might help prevent people from dismissing your ideas and insight outright.

  2. Men Are Seeing Their Faces More Than Ever

    Women are often hyper-aware of every line and wrinkle on their faces, while men in the past have seemed oblivious. This made sense; women often spend a good chunk of their morning applying makeup and doing their hair in the mirror, giving them the chance to study their features, while men generally do not. Now, Zoom and other video call apps have men seeing themselves frequently and in detail – and they aren’t always thrilled with what they see.

  3. Male Plastic Surgery Is Now More Accepted

    Finally, there is the stigma of plastic surgery in general – and for men in particular. This has been fading in recent years, freeing up men who have always wanted to get a little something done to actually schedule their surgery.

So, why do men get plastic surgery? Really, for the same reasons as women. And now they are freer than ever to get the look they want. If you are ready to learn more about what plastic surgery for men can do for you, call us at 512-229-1978 or fill out our contact form.

3 Reasons Why More Men Are Having Plastic Surgery
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3 Reasons Why More Men Are Having Plastic Surgery
Curious why men get plastic surgery? Dr. David Dellinger at Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin shares three reasons why plastic surgery for me is on the rise.
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Elysian Plastic Surgery
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