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BodyTite Sets the New Standard for Fat Removal and Skin Tightening

Published on November 1, 2017 by

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Looking for the latest and best method for tightening skin and removing excess fat?

Take a look at BodyTite from Inmode.

Dr David Dellinger of Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas has been using this new procedure with very good results for the last several months.

“We were approached by InMode to be one of the first practices in Austin to perform BodyTite, due to our considerable experience with energy-based devices”, says Dr. Dellinger. “After several months of use, I would definitely say BodyTite provides superior fat reduction and skin tightening compared to older technologies such as SmartLipo.”

Inmode RF has recently received FDA clearance for their BodyTite system to be used in the United States. BodyTite has been available in Europe for the last 6 years and has been extensively studied in those countries.

The BodyTite process works by inserting a very thin probe under the skin and applying RF (Radio Frequency) heat to the fat and skin. This process melts the fat and causes tightening and shrinking of the skin on an order of magnitude greater  than achieved by plain liposuction or other energy-based process such as SmartLipo. A small liposuction cannula can thin be used to removed excess melted and regular fat.

“One of BodyTite’s best features is its precise measurement of both internal and external skin and fat temperatures, which significantly improves the safety profile, decreasing the potential for thermal injury, while allowing precise delivery of heat and energy to the treated areas”, according to Dr. Dellinger.

Many patients who could not be treated without requiring skin excision in areas such as upper arms, knees and the back area can now be treated with BodyTite and eliminate the need for extensive skin removal.

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