Breast Lift

Time, gravity and changes to your body can be unkind to your breasts. Once perky and full, your breasts may begin to sag and look deflated and your nipples may droop or look stretched out as you age or after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. A breast lift reshapes your breasts for added fullness, resizes your nipples and restores your breasts to a higher, more youthful position. A breast lift can also be combined with breast augmentation.

A Texas native, Dr. David Dellinger has attained board certifications in plastic/reconstructive and general surgery, and has extensive experience in performing breast plastic surgery procedures over his more than 20 years in practice. At Elysian Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dellinger works with women in the Austin area and beyond who are interested in improving their figures with breast enhancement surgery.

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Why Choose Elysian Plastic Surgery?

  • During your initial consultation, Dr. Dellinger and his staff strive to put you at ease, understand your concerns and recommend the best treatment or combination of treatments for you.
  • We strictly follow standards to ensure your breast lift surgery goes smoothly and never compromise your safety or results for speed or ease.
  • You won’t be just another face at Elysian Plastic Surgery. We put you first because we believe that good plastic surgery results come from a combination of education, experience and engaged care.

Best Candidates for a Breast Lift

A breast lift may be right for you if you have saggy, deflated breasts and have completed your family and finished breastfeeding, or are not planning more children in the immediate future. The changes to your breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding may alter your breast lift results if you have a baby afterward. A breast lift can also correct differences in breast size and position, enhance the shape of your breasts and improve nipples that point downward or fall below the breast crease and fix enlarged or stretched out areolas.*

What to Expect

A breast lift takes about 2 hours under general anesthesia or a local anesthesia with IV sedation. A breast lift can be performed with four types of incisions — the J-Lift, lollipop, donut or crescent — centered at your areolas. The donut and crescent incisions are made along the outer edge of your areolas. The J-Lift and lollipop incisions start at your areolas and extend down to or along the breast crease.

Dellinger is one of the few surgeons performing the J-Lift, a procedure that significantly minimizes the length of incisions and provides a more feminine shape compared to the typical anchor incision.*

During your consultation, Dr. Dellinger will recommend the best incision for you depending on the degree of sagging and if you are getting breast implants.

Through these incisions, Dr. Dellinger lifts and reshapes your breast tissue to improve firmness and create a fuller breast mound, lifts the breasts to a higher position, removes excess skin from enlarged areolas and the breasts, repositions the nipples and areolas if needed and tightens the skin.

Your Breast Lift Recovery & Results

You can go home the same day as your breast lift surgery and should be able to resume limited activities the next day. You may experience some swelling, bruising, numbness and changes in nipple sensation. Dr. Dellinger may recommend wearing a supportive bra or a compression garment to support your breasts and help minimize swelling. You should plan on resting — though you can take short walks to encourage blood circulation — and sleeping elevated on your back for the first week. You can resume all of your normal activities in 3 to 4 weeks.*

You should notice improvement in your breast shape and position after breast lift surgery, especially as the swelling subsides. Your final results should gradually develop over the next few months. Breast lift results can last for decades if you avoid weight fluctuations and don’t become pregnant.*

To schedule your breast lift consultation, please call our Austin plastic surgery practice at 512-229-1978 or request a consultation online.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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