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How Today’s Facelift Produces More Natural Results

Published onMay 13, 2021 by
Natural Results from Facelift - Dellinger

Few plastic surgery procedures have gotten as bad a reputation as the facelift. Thanks to Hollywood stars of previous decades overdoing it and ending up with windblown, pulled-tight results, it’s easy for people to just assume that’s what facelifts produce. 

Perhaps that was true once upon a time. But now, facelift advancements ensure this surgery delivers more natural results that align with your aesthetic goals. Don’t let the results of older facelift techniques scare you off the surgery you want.

Old-School Facelifts

The facelifts that produced the results you no doubt want to avoid were very simple. Incisions were made, the skin was pulled tight and the excess skin eliminated. This pressed the skin against the facial bones, creating a stiff, almost mask-like appearance. 

Essentially, it addressed one sign of aging — skin laxity. But aging is more complex than just loose skin, and natural results require a nuanced approach. 

Modern Facelifts

Modern facelifts focus not just on lifting, but on volume and definition. This means replacing the volume naturally lost as you age through grafts, implants and fillers while using targeted incisions to not just pull the skin upward, but tighten it along the jawline and cheekbones without making the facial features look pulled out of place. 

There is also a trend towards less dramatic procedures, such as the mini facelift, brow lift and neck lift. In all cases, the procedures are more customized to the needs and contours of the patient than older facelifts were.

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How Today’s Facelift Produces More Natural Results
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How Today’s Facelift Produces More Natural Results
Ever wondered why modern facelifts look so natural? Dr. David Dellinger of Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin explains how facelift advancements make this possible.
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