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Is FaceTite or a Facelift Best for Your Goals?

Published onNovember 15, 2021 by
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Most people will start to notice some signs of aging by the time they turn 25. Once they hit their 30s, it starts to get real. Luckily, there are more options for addressing signs of aging than ever before, including facelifts and FaceTite

Which of these treatments will be best for you? That all depends on what your goals are. Here is what you should consider when looking at a facelift vs. FaceTite. 

Do You Have Time for Recovery?

Both facelifts and FaceTite can roll back the hands of time, but you might find one is better for you than the other.

With both a facelift and FaceTite, you will have a recovery period. However, the recovery period for a facelift is longer and more painful. This is because it is a true surgical procedure, with the need for general anesthetic, larger incisions and significant changes to the skin and even muscles. 

What Level of Change Are You Seeking?

Do you want to make a radical change that people cannot help but notice? Or are your goals more along the lines of a subtle refresh? While technically both are possible with a facelift, it is best for more significant changes, while FaceTite is slightly more understated.

How Long Do You Need Your Results to Last?

Both facelifts and FaceTite offer results that last years. However, a facelift will usually last two to three times as long as FaceTite. This isn’t necessarily a problem, since it isn’t as invasive and tends to be quite a bit cheaper, but if you prefer to avoid repeat treatments as much as possible, a facelift could be better.

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Is FaceTite or a Facelift Best for Your Goals?
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Is FaceTite or a Facelift Best for Your Goals?
Facelift vs. FaceTitle: which is best for you? Dr. David Dellinger at Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin goes over the similarities and differences.
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