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Can Gynecomastia Surgery Help Men with Puffy Nipples?

Published onDecember 16, 2019 by
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When it comes to chest insecurities, people tend to focus on women being worried about their breasts. We often overlook breast concerns in men. Although less talked about, it is quite common for men to dislike their chest’s appearance as well — it is just that their breast concerns tend to be different than women’s breast concerns.

Some men have a condition called gynecomastia, which causes them to grow excess breast tissue and oftentimes, puffy nipples. Luckily, this can easily be addressed with gynecomastia surgery, often referred to as male breast reduction, for puffy nipples in men.

How Gynecomastia Surgery Helps

Gynecomastia surgery removes the enlarged breast tissue, taking away excess skin and reshaping the chest. While the primary focus is on eliminating the breast-like appearance of the chest, it can also address the appearance of the nipples.

In most cases, puffy nipples are caused by breast tissue pushing them out, so with its removal and a little reshaping, puffy nipples can be corrected.

Men who have puffy nipples can help change their appearance with gynecomastia surgery.

Considering Gynecomastia Surgery

Before opting for surgery for puffy nipples in men, clients should see if the problem can be addressed by other means.

In some cases, exercise can get rid of the fat deposits causing the condition, so clients should pick up a workout regimen to start with. If they already have one in place, then they should have their hormone levels checked. Additionally, if they are taking steroids, this should be stopped as they can lead to the development of puffy nipples and breast tissue.

However, if it is not a hormonal issue, there is no steroid use and exercise does not help, surgery is likely the best solution. If this is the case, men should feel confident in seeking out surgeons who can help them.

To find out more about surgical treatment for puffy nipples or to schedule a consultation with Austin’s top plastic surgeon for men, send us a message online or call our office today at (512) 229-1978.

Can Gynecomastia Surgery Help Men with Puffy Nipples?
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Can Gynecomastia Surgery Help Men with Puffy Nipples?
Dr. David Dellinger of Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas explains how surgery for puffy nipples in men can help with the condition.
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