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Laser Skin Treatments

Modern laser technology can help improve your skin throughout your life. Laser skin treatments can tighten skin, fade dark spots, improve the effects of sun damage, smooth wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead and lessen the appearance of scars from acne, chickenpox or injuries. Laser treatments may also help reduce redness caused by acne and rosacea.*

Dr. David Dellinger has achieved and maintained board certifications in both plastic/reconstructive and general surgery, and has more than 20 years of experience performing surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. At Elysian Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dellinger works with men and women in the Austin area and throughout Texas who are interested in improving their appearance with laser treatments.

Contact us online or call our Austin office at 512-229-1978 to learn more about your options for laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

Why Choose Elysian Plastic Surgery?

  • Dr. Dellinger and his staff are experienced, educated providers who stay up to date with laser treatments to ensure your safety and help you see the best results.
  • We offer several options for facial rejuvenation so you can be sure to find the treatment that works best for you.
  • At Elysian Plastic Surgery, we take the time to carefully listen to your concerns because we want you to make sure that you understand the process, potential results and feel comfortable with every aspect of your treatment.

Best Candidates for Laser Skin Treatments

Laser skin treatments may be right for healthy men and women who want to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, creases, lines, scars, birthmarks, moles or tattoos. You may also be a good candidate for laser skin treatments if you have dark spots, sun damage or slightly lax skin that has lost its elasticity with age. Some lasers may not work well if you have a darker complexion. Microneedling may be an effective alternative to laser skin treatments for people who have darker skin.*

Laser treatments for acne may be right if you have mild to moderate acne. The pulse dye laser treatment reduces the redness associated with inflammatory acne and results should be comparable to other treatments, such as creams or medication. Your acne may not improve with laser skin treatments if the underlying cause hasn’t been treated. You may need a few treatments spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart for 3 to 4 months.*

If you have rosacea, laser skin treatments can be an effective way to lessen redness, treat thick skin and break down the extra, unneeded veins that cause flushing. You may see long-lasting results after two to four treatments if you avoid sun exposure.*

What to Expect

At your consultation, Dr. Dellinger will talk with you about your hopes for laser skin treatments and which type of treatment may be best for you. He may recommend a combination of treatments to help you see the best results.

Laser skin resurfacing works by destroying the outer layers of the skin that have been affected by age, sun damage, wrinkles, dark spots and scars. Removing the older layers prompts your body to generate new skin cells to create a smoother surface.*

Your laser skin treatment may vary depending on your specific procedure. You may need to pre-treat your skin with specific creams leading up to laser skin resurfacing to improve the effectiveness of your treatment. On the day of your treatment, Dr. Dellinger may use a local anesthetic, IV sedation, a topical anesthetic, ice or an air-cooling device to help keep you comfortable during your treatment. You may feel a sensation like a rubber band being snapped against your skin. Your treatment may only take a few minutes or about an hour for a more extensive treatment area. Acne treatments tend to last 15 to 20 minutes. Dr. Dellinger may recommend a series of treatments to help you reach your appearance goals.*

Your Laser Skin Treatment Recovery & Results

You can go home after your laser skin treatment but you may want to take a few days off. Your body will need time to rest and recuperate and your skin may be pink or red. Your skin may also be bandaged with an antibiotic cream to encourage healing, minimize swelling and reduce complications. You should limit physical activity initially to speed up the healing process. You can apply makeup to camouflage the redness after 7 days.*

Your results should gradually develop over three to four weeks as your skin regenerates. Laser skin resurfacing results may last 7 to 10 years. Laser treatments for blood vessels may last 3 to 5 years.*

Laser Skin Treatment FAQ

Which laser skin treatment is best for my skincare needs?

The best laser skin treatment for you will largely depend on the type of skin conditions you wish to address. During your consultation, Dr. Dellinger will review your concerns and recommend the best laser skin treatment to meet your skincare needs. If you have wrinkles, creases, scars, hyperpigmentation, redness or tattoos you wish to address, we have a wide range of lasers that can help reduce their appearance and improve the overall health of your skin.

How do I find the best plastic surgeon for laser skin treatments near me?

While there are many practices and med spas that promote laser skin rejuvenation, it’s important to find a provider that has been trained and certified to use the treatment being offered. Choosing to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers laser skin rejuvenation can help ensure you are getting high-quality care.

Make sure that you feel listened and well-informed during your consultation. Your provider should thoroughly explain the treatment process in a way that helps you feel confident in the process.

Do laser skin treatments hurt?

Today’s laser technology offers more dramatic results with less downtime than ever before. However, there may be some discomfort depending on the type of laser and the intensity of treatment. Many patients report a snapping sensation during treatment, much like a rubber band being snapped against your skin.

Dr. Dellinger may use a numbing agent such as a local anesthetic, IV sedation, a topical anesthetic, ice or an air-cooling device to help manage any discomfort during treatment.

How long should I wait between laser treatments?

Your wait time between laser skin treatments will depend on the intensity of the previous treatment. For mild treatments, you may only need to wait a few months. However, the more aggressive treatments tend to produce more dramatic results and may only require one treatment or a follow-up treatment in a few years if needed. If you are combining different laser treatments, you may need to wait several months before the next laser treatment is performed.

Dr. Dellinger will help you decide on the best course of treatment and whether a series of treatments of needed to achieve your desired results.

Are there any risks involved with laser skin treatments?

While generally safe, there are some risks related to laser skin rejuvenation. Possible risks include infection, skin discoloration, and scarring.

What should I do to prepare for laser skin treatments?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a quick and simple procedure that does not require a lot a prep beforehand. However, there are some things we recommend that our patients do before treatment to help get the best results.

  • Wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure.
  • Stop tanning for at least 4 weeks before your treatment.
  • Avoid other deep facial treatments a few weeks before your scheduled appointment.
  • Stop taking medications that cause photosensitivity a few before your procedure.
  • Arrive with a clean face free of lotions and makeup.

To schedule your laser skin treatment consultation, please call our Austin plastic surgery practice at 512-229-1978 or request a consultation online.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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