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How Long Does Swelling Last after a Nose Job?

Published onAugust 13, 2021 by
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When you get rhinoplasty, you can feel incredibly excited about seeing the final results. However, this is a bit of a waiting game. After nose reshaping, there will always be swelling to contend with. Unfortunately, this isn’t quick to go away.

Understanding Rhinoplasty Swelling

When you have a rhinoplasty, you experience two types of swelling. There is the immediate swelling that is a response to the trauma of surgery, and then there is swelling that occurs due to fluid retention. It is this second form of swelling that prevents you from seeing your results for several months.

After a nose job, the skin has to re-drape over the new shape of the nose and mold itself to the changes in cartilage and bone. Part of this process involves retaining fluid as a form of protection for the skin as it adjusts. 

Over time, the body will start to better distribute this fluid, allowing the swelling to lessen. In most cases, the tip of the nose will remain swollen the longest. Also, those with thicker skin tend to see more swelling than those with thinner skin.

So How Long Does Swelling after a Nose Job Last?

The majority of swelling should be gone after just 3 months. While that seems like a long time, it is just a blip when it comes to the lifetime the results will last. However, some minor swelling in the tip of the nose can hang around for up to 12 months after surgery. Still, if your goal is a more attractive nose, the wait is worth it.

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How Long Does Swelling Last after a Nose Job?
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How Long Does Swelling Last after a Nose Job?
There will be swelling after a nose job. How much, and how long will it last? Dr. David Dellinger at Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin explains.
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