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The Specialized UAL Lipo Technique Takes Care Of Stubborn Fat Once and for All

Published on October 26, 2017 by
The Specialized UAL Lipo Technique Takes Care Of Stubborn Fat Once and for All

Exercise and dieting are the solutions people go to when they want to lose their body bulges. However, there are many areas in our bodies that are quite stubborn when it comes to exercise and dieting. Such problem areas are hard to tackle. To counter these problems, the ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique works like a charm, helping get rid of the stubborn fat in these areas.

What Is Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction?

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is a specialized procedure that is used to reduce fat from problem areas where stubborn fatty tissue has accumulated. This procedure utilizes ultrasound energy to break down fat cells.

There are many areas of the body that you might want to recontour using this procedure. These areas may make certain kinds of clothing look unappealing and unattractive, lowering your self-confidence. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction can be used on regions like the thighs, male chest, neck, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and hips.

Are You a Candidate for Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction?

To be a candidate for ultrasound-assisted liposuction, you need to have a steady body weight and your skin should be firm and elastic. You should be healthy and should have realistic goals and expectations for the procedure.

If you identify with any of the following, then you should consider ultrasound-assisted liposuction:

  • You have been exercising, but the fat bulges do not reduce in size.
  • Dieting does not reduce the amount of fat in trouble areas.
  • You try to hide the stubborn fat under layers of clothing.
  • You feel self-conscious wearing certain types of clothes.
  • You want to make your body firmer and more contoured.
  • You have realistic body goals and expectations from the procedure.

If you found yourself nodding at most of the points above, the ultrasound-assisted liposuction may be the right choice for you, since it can help you get that firmer and better-contoured body.

The Procedure

For the ultrasound-assisted liposuction procedure, your surgeon will administer local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia depending on your needs to provide maximum comfort to you.

A small incision is made, and a metal cannula that is connected to an ultrasound generator is inserted. The ultrasound energy causes the fat cells to break down, which leads to the fat flowing out of the cells; this is the fat-liquefying step. This liquefied fat is vacuumed out of the body using the cannula.

Recovery After the Procedure

After the procedure, you may experience some amount of swelling in the treated areas, which is completely normal. Your surgeon might use bandages or a compression garment to minimize the swelling. Apart from swelling, you may experience some degree of bruising.

During a consultation, your surgeon will give you the tips you’ll need to take care of your body during the post-surgical recovery process. He will tell you which activities you can perform and which you should avoid, along with how long it will be before you can return to work.

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